Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery
Kamalnayan Bajaj Workshop Studio
20th June 2016 to 25th June 2016 (11.00 am to 7.00 pm )

About Shailly Lal : Shailly Lal’s long time affair with art and music started at a very young age and has grown alongside her over the years. She has experimented different form of art and developed her unique style  of painting.

Born and brought up in lush green surroundings of Madhya Pradesh, Shailly had always been enamored by the mysteries of nature and varied phases of human lives, specially tribal women.Nature has had the greatest influence on her style and subject of paintings. Her ideas , style and quality of work has grown under a natural evolution. Though she had no formal education in art her keen observation and eye for details prove that talent needs no training.

Shailly’s colour pallet  is very vibrant, which instantly attracts an on looker’s eye. Bright vibrant paintings excludes lot of positivity.

Painting is the medium of expressing her emotions, her thoughts, her conflicts, her language, her reflection of ideas that are transformed in her mind and poured on the canvas.

Contact  no. 9869785192

E-Mail: shailly_style@rediffmail.com


About Sanjukta : Sanjukta is a Mumbai based artist- a painter, a dreamer, who cannot but yearn to create something new, every moment of her life! Blessed with a keen sense of aesthetic dexterity in various skills and absolute command over the medium she uses, she has been able to carve a niche for herself in the present Contemporary Art scenario. 

Sanjukta is a self taught artist, who has been painting over twenty years, her magical fingers have been creating beautiful Divine paintings, Abstracts, Portraits & Landscapes, to name a few. Her fortay being colours, is her strength, she handles this with absolute confidence. She relies more on her inner thoughts & instincts to portray her feelings.  A tiny stint, which started out as a hobby has now transformed into a most passionate, demanding & fulfilling profession, for her. 

Sanjukta has developed her aesthetic abilities solely based on her own prowess. Art is her passion and is Akin to worship, prayer and meditation. She is a lady of determination & deliverance. This streak is evident in her bold, clear strokes & choice of colours. Her paintings are vibrant and speak volumes of her undying energy and vivaciousness. Sanjukta's quest to do more & more have helped her experiment with different mediums! She feels the possibilities are endless and only grows bigger & bigger as time goes by. Her MBA, training, helps her to present herself and her works to the audience more positively. 

Her presentation in numerous Group & Solo shows, have been well appreciated and lauded by Art collectors, Connoisseurs, Art lovers and audience, alike. This has motivated her to create more amazing artworks to be presented in her future exhibitions. Sanjukta now brings her Art to the Art lovers of this beautiful heritage city, Pune, with her presentation- CELEBRATING THE COLOURS OF DIVINITY. 

This series reveals her unusual visual language of Artistic expression through the apt use of colours, mediums & textures. 

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