Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery
Kamalnayan Bajaj Workshop Studio
28th April 2014 to 3rd May 2014 (11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m)

"Mumbai Forever" is an exhibition of paintings by artist Bhuwan Silhare.

"Mumbai fascinated me since my childhood the Famous marine drive lined with huge skyscrapers never failed to charm me. This dynamic city with thousands of beautiful old and new had a magical spell on me. But what pulled the strings of my artistic heart are the magnificent historic buildings constructed during British Raj like V.T., Gateway of India, Flora fountain, Crawford market etc. The intricate stone carving floral and animal designs embellished nooks and crannies of the building just send me into raptures my finger itched to put them on my canvas. I simply had to immortalize them through colour and canvas.

I made a series of paintings in and around V.T.(CST) from different angle at different time and different seasons to bring out the best profile of the structures. And thankfully all of them got rave reviews wherever they were exhibited one of them got best landscape award By Bombay Art Society in 2006. Surprisingly almost all of them got sold."

- Bhuwan Silhare

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