Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery
Kamalnayan Bajaj Workshop Studio
4th April 2022 to 9th April 2022 (11:00 A.M. To 7:00 P.M.)

This show manifests the time of students where the language is in between developed and undeveloped.  Language itself is contradictory between the working process and the thinking process. By fostering an awareness of their artistic techniques and choices, Students' working process is very much spontaneous, like playness, they can turn anytime according to their current mood. Their works soon expand into a space for “transcendence and transformation” contemplating the creative process, involving the preparation, marination, and self-reflection that many realize.  For example, they start a painting in a very joyful mood, and in-between they have a fight with a friend..so that mood reflects on the same painting, we can see different rasa in a single frame.  This holistic development channelizes all aspects of students' personalities in an integrated manner, embracing the main aesthetics that rules Indian arts, i.e. the rasa theory.   In Sanskrit, rasa means a juice or flavour that has to be tasted. Without a doubt, the experience of appreciating a work of art depicting human emotions is like tasting or relishing the flavour of some emotions. Then like the tasting of a dish, this relish-able feeling too is felt within oneself, i.e., gets internalized.

Thus, this show ‘PRISTINE’ reflects the inner experience (thoughts, feelings, mental imagery, sensations, etc.) of the young, which is directly present in the awareness before it is distorted by attempts at observation or interpretation. 

The process encapsulates the beliefs about the self, beliefs about what inner experience should be like, inaccurate recollections, miscommunications, and other confounding influences.  So sometimes it is necessary to see the works of students, it helps us to break the sentient of developing language, creating a parallel experience to the sense of one’s own i.e. Consciousness, spiritual and moral questions.  That’s why I am thinking, the artwork of students is  PRISTINE.

by Shivani Gupta

The participant artists:

Ahalya Rajendra, Anushree Rabadia, Deepanjali Shekhar, Drashti Garala, Ganga, Hardev Chauhan, Jhanvi Patel, Jahnvi Soni, Kanika Nagpal, Oliva Saha, Parth Itwala, Ravi Prajapati, Rutvi Vakharia, Shiv Shankar, Nazmul, Dola

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