Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery
Kamalnayan Bajaj Workshop Studio
16th August 2016 to 21st August 2016 (11.00 am to 7.00 pm )

About the Artist:

Mahesh Nandane: Mahesh's endeavors are based on ambiguous thought processes which begin to get structured in a comprehensible way once the process culminates on the canvas. His inspirations for a desired image is based on a sight and evoke methodology, this correlation is not subjected to any bounds, considering the fact that emotions cannot be scrutinized based on mere parameters. Born and raised in Amravati his immediate surroundings seeped into his vision and thus his creations reflect a foundation of tranquility, however having spent the last five years in a zooming city such as Mumbai, has resulted in him treading along a path of controlled chaos, balancing the 'Zen' like innate approach with a disruptive velocity which is potential in nature rather than outright kinetic.  In his own words he describes his works as "Semi Abstract in nature and discipline."

Mahesh completed his Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Nagpur University in the year 2010 and has participated in several group shows in cities such as Pune, Nagpur and Amravati to name a few, 'State Art Exhibition', Nagpur in 2006 - 2010; 'Youth Bleed', Pune in 2013 and 'Night Life', Pune in 2013. He keeps himself from getting saturated by indulging in various forms of art such as theatre and photography. Born in the year 1988 in Amravati, Maharashtra, he is currently based out of Mumbai.

Sonal Wankhede: The pulse of Sonal's art can be defined as cathartic outburst of realizations which are revealed through the onset of challenges and inner turmoil. Her inkling towards art began with the basic attraction towards colour and its effect upon humans, thereafter she seldom found herself lost in a translation where she felt belonged. The feeling of belonging was further established with the relief experienced through expression and creation. She perseveres to implement and stand true to all that she has learnt in life and her knowledge about art, during those moments which come by and get us off guard. She believes that memories are not mere fragments of nostalgia but influence the existence of our beings. Her art question the viewer rather than revealing an answer, she brings to the fore a much needed exercise of introspection.

Born in Akola in the year 1988 she completed her Bachelor's in Fine from Nagpur University in 2010 and Master's in 2012 from the University of Aurangabad. Group shows she has participated in include 'Monsoon Show', Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2009; 'Annual Art Exhibition', organized by Chitrakala Mahavidyalay, Nagpur from 2007 - 2009 and 'Youth Festival', Aurangabad University in 2011. Sonal Wankhede lives and works in Mumbai.

Rohan Koli: Rohan Koli belongs to the millennial generation which is full to the brim with complexities, however the complexities which he ponders about and which he inevitably expresses through his art is not based on the fast paced life oriented conundrums, but battles with the embedded quest about evolution. Although at a nascent stage of both his career and the intended art projection, which is to jot down the growth he gains with the progress of life around him, he has narrowed down on a formidable perspective with much clarity. This acquired clarity ensures that he composes his creations with a degree of pre-emptive subjectivity in terms of the desired visual.

Born in the year 1990 in Satara, Maharashtra he completed his Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Sir J.J School of Art in 2012 and has appeared for his Master's in the current academic year. Group Shows he has participated in include, group show at Sir.J.J School of Art in 2014, group show organized  by Kalpataru Builder's in 2014 and group show held at the Race Course in 2014. He has been awarded the Camlin award for best painting in 2013, best expressive painting award by the International Art Creative Centre in 2013 and best work award by Chitari foundation, Pune in 2011.


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