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2nd May 2016 to 7th May 2016 (11.00 am to 7.00 pm )

About Raj Kumar Gupta: I have tried to display the natural beauty in all my paintings through various colours, shapes and expressions. It is very difficult to explain the extension and existence of beauty as well as the limit of it. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty exists in each and every particle of nature. I have tried to display all visible and invisible things existed in nature and those exhibited in our daily lives. We interact with the things of nature continuously i.e. beauty is basically a subject of eyes. Beautiful scenes, material or the quality of living beings are illustrated through the medium of eyes. This is what  beauty is.

A number of scenes of nature are imprinted in our mental slate; but when a painting is created, all those experiences in nature are exhibited. I have made my paintings imagining  and pondering over the natural forms of the things found in nature and I have tried to give them a new recognition in my own expressions.

One uniform colour is not found everywhere in nature. Somewhere we see the bright colour along with deep shades then we found the glittering and twinkling of shiny colour through deep colour. On the basis of this, I used the colours in my work. By giving perception of lines and shade-light through the medium of colours. I have tried to make picture. Blue, Red, Yellow and Green are my favorite colour which are seen everywhere in nature. I painted my picture using as much less colours as it can be i.e. monochrome colour. The effort has been made to explain the maximum and shades of nature by using the different shades of only one colour.

I have painted flowers in many of my works which explains not to give up in the difficult circumstances. As a soft flower always smiles even if taking birth in the complex structure of nature. It suffers the hard blows of wind, the severe heat, the rain, the different seasons but spreads the fragrance of beauty by developing itself. Like the flower, we all should present the good deeds experiencing bliss/joy and sorrow under the protection of nature.

I created texture to display some qualities of nature in most of my pictures. We experienced that beauty by touching as well as by seeing. I have used colours mixing sands, marble’s powder, stone’s crush and soil in it so that one can get that feel, bliss and delightfulness. This also means to feel and experience the beauty just by looking at the picture.

Every moment in nature is full of beauty. I have immersed that beauty in my heart and tried to show the changing forms of nature from dawn to dusk in my work. When the morning rays bathe the nature in its colour, every particle seems to be looking delightful, lively and beautiful. This beauty has been depicted through the red, yellow and orange colours. At the time of dust when nature looks reddish all around, I’ve tried to display that beauty in my picture. In this time, all the things in nature which seem to be in resting posture, want to absorb the beautiful evening and the calm atmosphere is shown through the red, yellow, orange, brown, etc. colours.

So, the depictions of nature scenes have been painted in different colours in different pictures through the imagination, experience of atmosphere and different circumstances.  

Raj Kumar Gupta, Varanasi (U.P.) +919456573182  

About Sangita Mishra: I have artefacts that tree roots deep relationship with the earth and nature is shown, tree is symbol of woman in my paintings. Such as tree roots that binds to the same woman from the Earth to exist, home, community, family - with their endless effort to realize the dream too.

I have pictures of the moon individually painted and get the dream varied dimensions that represents love and flexibility.

The woman in the history of art is considered to be equivalent to nature, trees spread their roots deep into the soil strength is its existence as well as its branches in the sky that flies liberation. Its soundness, openness and due to the dense shade of the tree, tree is symbol of woman, and this is the subject of my painting series. 

I hope that my paintings will express successfully my thoughts to audience.

Sangita Mishra, Mumbai +91 9172812928


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