Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery
Kamalnayan Bajaj Workshop Studio
4th January 2016 to 9th January 2016 (11.00 am to 7.00 pm )

About Fabric of Nature : 

Nature has its own entities. Dilemma between the evolution of human and forms, or can say the Fabric of Nature, how it has been webbed? It has been an unsolved mystery for centuries regarding the evolution of us as well as where we are destined to reach. As we say “Let bygones be bygones” therefore civilizations originated, reached its zenith and therefore perished. Again the question arises, the function of we humans’ presence in the very Lap of Nature as a benefactor? Whether we are there for her Protector or for her as a Destroyer? There has to be something or the other, or will this civilization of ours will also perish as time passes by and will be in the record books as an history.

On the contrary, Nature itself brings in calamities. She herself becomes the Creator as well as Destroyer. Why there is such vastness or extremities of Life and Death. The world believes of the advancement of our generation with the help of technology and the standard of living. Conclusively the mystery is laid out in front of us about reaching the zenith/peak point and becoming a perishable entity. Nature with all the mystery’s in it and the humans being its Guardian’s as my perception concerns, is a formidable act.

The totality, Ace Ventura (Nature) exemplifies/personifies its creation, indefinable to any extent. As we search deep inside, has there been a reproduction or a revolution? Nature has disillusioned us with the aspects of elements of darker as well as a brighter side. Where do these come from or are we the judge, jury and executions behind these circumstances. Humans has always been the Guardians of nature as well as the Destroyer of nature too which solely depends upon its acts. The world of imagination has more content rather than the materialistic/physical world.  Everything perpetually changes or transforms, nothing is wasted. Likewise our imagination transforms in its time, space and travel. There is a flow of imagination henceforth trying for an evolution or a revolution to break the liabilities of nature. Imagination and Nature are the two pillars which have to be considered as the greatest asset for mankind. It plays a parallel role in all the context of Life and Death.

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