Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery
Kamalnayan Bajaj Workshop Studio
14th December 2015 to 19th December 2015 (11.00 am to 7.00 pm )

Karjat, Dist. Raigad in Maharashtra based young artist Pradip Ghadge will display his recent work in Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Nariman Point, Mumbai from 14th to 19th December 2015. He had received award of Raja Ravi Varma for best portrait paintings and Bombay Art Society etc. Witness nature from an artist’s eyes as Pradip Ghadge displays his recent work in Kamalnayan Bajaj art gallery from 14th to 19th December 2015 titled elegance, will showcase his work [a series of oils on canvas ] to show the panoramic beauty of nature its various wonders.                                                                                          

Nature has bees Pradip’s inspiration since childhood and this is ode to his muse he states, I am a nature lover, the subtle nuances in nature impress me. Nature and its various marvels in different seasons and time period are my mentors and inspirations since my young age. Pradip’s current exhibition attempts to capture this momentum. My exhibition will looking to present the beauty that I have witnessed through my eyes nature is dynamic; it is changing every day this brings in colorful hues of their tonal harmony and resonance. “It highlights the grace (that I have observed) in various seasons and time periods in our environment say, for instance the seashores.’’ 

As an artist, Pradip has experimented with his approach to painting.’ I’ve tried to inculcate a well developed style of visual expressions in oil on canvas the artist hopes that his works openness , Pratiksha, Light conversation, Vasudev showcase his clarity of thought and he hopes that his viewers appreciate his effort he says , ‘’my style is realistic and abstract at the same time you will see a lot of vibrant and bold brush strokes .I’ have made them work in an unusual and unparallel way. I hope this technical dexterity captivates my audiences ‘’  

The artist places a lot of importance on emotions for his works he says, ‘’I rely on my emotions; they help me create a tonal clarity, transparency and rhythm in my work,’’ 

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