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30th November 2015 to 5th December 2015 (11.00 am to 7.00 pm )

Pradip Sarkar

Pradip Sarkar  was born in Dhanbad, State of Jharkhand and is one of the most prolific & deserving contemporary artists, currently based in Mumbai. Pradip has a degree in commerce from Ranchi University and a diploma in fine art from British Institute, Mumbai.

For more than 25 years Pradip has been working incessantly on his cherished themes and has won laurels in many events. He has worked brilliantly at various national and international institutes and has participated in exhibitions, camps, & live demonstrations such as the prestigious Lalit Kala Academi, Academy of Fine Arts-Kolkata, Indian Academy of Fine Arts-Amritsar, The Hindustan Times-New Delhi, The Millennium Exhibition-Jaipur, Exhibition with M.F.Hussain-Mumbai.

The flat colours, wide spaces, poetical lines and their kinetic energy render freshness and style to his work beyond any incongruity. Pradip’s love for music and harmony shows itself in his works. His works exhibit Indian imagery blended with vedic meditation and precept of control connecting the individual souls with the universal spirit. The spiritual domain surrounding the multitude of mankind is indeed his source of inspiration.

His paintings are in collections such as Lalit Kala Academi–Bhubaneshwar, I.S.M.IIT–Dhanbad, The Hindustan Times–New Delhi, Shiksha Vikas Trust–Dhanbad, Abhijeet Bhattacharjee and Sharda-Bollywood singers, Anu Malik–Bollywood Music Director, and Lodha Costiera – Mumbai.



+91 - 8879875149 / +91 - 9835720297


Vinay Sane

The Fervour - It finally happened, some 12 years ago. There I was, an IITian Electrical Engineer in the sanitized paradise of Singapore. But something inside me was telling me to march to a different drummer. So, I finally made up my mind and traded the keyboard for a brush and palette. From being ‘an Engineer who loved to paint’, I have now made the transition to ‘an Artist who is also an engineer’. I think one can follow this journey, this transition, this genesis of an artist by following the evolution of my paintings.  I have deliberately stayed away from realism - painting rigid forms and structures and even nature. This reflects my search for the unknown, formless and abstract.

One will also notice that I have not adopted a specific style for my paintings. In other words, I don’t have an artist’s ‘signature’ that acts as an easy identifier to my work. The reason is again the same - I don’t want to be pigeonholed as ‘a cubist’ or ‘a modernist’, etc, because my paintings are a culmination of my thoughts, and my ideas.

My paintings are thematic, concept-based and have a unique style. Everything around us, whether physical or mental, has an influence on what we endeavour to do. I paint from the heart, and I believe my paintings are a reflection of my soul. I am merely a medium to facilitate this fascinating journey from the mind and soul to a painting.

I have been inspired by several people who have encouraged and motivated me to pursue art. Mr. Bhalchandra Mandke requires a special mention, he has guided me and encouraged me continuously.

Vinay Sane - +91 9823186371




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